September 2017

General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR is becoming closer every day and soon will be upon us - enforcement begins the 25th of May 2018. As such, Microsoft have updated their Trust Centre website, the page now includes 5 areas of focus:

• Overview – A basic understanding of GDPR
• Get Started – How Microsoft recommend the approach for compliance
• Solutions – The different Microsoft products available
• Assessment – Quick, online self-evaluation to help review readiness for GDPR
• Resources – White papers, Blogs, FAQs

We strongly recommend that everyone completes the assessment. Please click the link that will take you to the Microsoft Trust Centre GDPR page.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact

For your info, here are Fruitions results for September!

August 2017


Bringing All The Good Of Microsoft To Your Business

Microsoft continues to invest heavily in its Partners meaning that all its great technology and solutions are easily available to any business, no matter how small it is. A Microsoft Partner can translate (into plain English) how new technologies can make a massive difference to a business. As a Microsoft Partner on both The Microsoft Cloud and Dynamics 365 (CRM) front, Fruition are able to help drive your business to new heights of success.

May 2017

Outlook Customer Manager

New from Microsoft - Advanced Outlook functionality rolling out now.

Capture customer information in native Outlook.

April 2017

                                                        Office 365 Update

Here’s the latest on what’s happening with Office 365. 

There are plenty of hints, tips & info to consider.

March 2017

2020 Dynamics - Who are they

2020 Dynamics is a part of Fruition Systems, an established Microsoft Partner.  We are a passionate team of commercial and technical professionals committed to ‘getting it right’.  From Rolodex’s and typewriters to tablets and digital CRM, we have been there, done it and got the t-shirt.  Most importantly we know what we are doing and we are good at it.

2020 Dynamics - What do they do

2020 Dynamics delivers Microsoft’s world class CRM solution, Dynamics 365 to UK small and medium sized businesses.  We help companies like yours to do business in a more profitable, engaged, streamlined fashion.  We are open, insightful, curious and determined to deliver the right outcome for our clients.  Most importantly, we make your business more efficient.

  1. 2020 Dynamics - Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM support - training - UK

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